Isabel's books have sold more than 57 million copies and have been translated into 37 languages. Each book features a variety of covers; click here to view some of the more than 700 different covers of Isabel's books from around the world. (Fun fact: European covers tend to show more skin.)
Language Publisher
Albanian Dituria
Bulgarian Colibri
  Narodna Cultura
Chinese Linking Publishers
Czechoslovakian Slovart Publishing
Danish Gyldendal
Dutch Werelbibliotheek
English Atria
Finnish Otava
French Artheme Fayard
German Suhrkamp
Greek Oceanida
Hebrew Schocken
Hungarian Fabula
Icelandic Mal og Menning
Italian Feltrinelli
Japanese Kokusho Kankokai
Lithuanian Alma Littera
Norwegian Gyldendal Norsk
Polish Muza
Portuguese Porto Editora
  BCD / Difel
Slovakian Slovart Publishing
Slovenian Pomurska Zalozba
Spanish Plaza y Janés
  Vintage Books
  Circulo de Lectores
  Oveja Negra
Swedish Norstedts
Turkish Can Yayinlar
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