“Isabel Allende is becoming more and more chameleonic, and her latest, Ripper, is a great example of her ability to fuse any genre she chooses to write in with her own themes, to the benefit of both.”

“Appealing characters, a fast-paced plot, and a successfully imagined killer add up to great entertainment. Definitely recommended.”
Library Journal

“Bestseller Allende successfully tries her hand at a mystery, which features an unlikely team of sleuths untied by an online mystery game named after the infamous Whitechapel murderer.”
Publishers Weekly

“Given her signature combination of bewitching imagination and social gravitas, Allende creates a compassionate and gripping mystery stoked by the paradoxes of family and community and the consequences of abuse.”

“In her last novel, Maya’s Notebook Allende abandoned her trademark magic realism and high romanticism for a grittier tale of teenage girl battling addiction. In Ripper the author follows that brave and marvelous shift, confidently writing a novel outside of her comfort zone and the result is surprising and enjoyable.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“A sharp departure from Allende’s signature magical realism, this race-against-the-clock thriller is pure magic nonetheless.”
People Magazine

“The novelist’s charming first murder mystery features an irresistible teenage sleuth.”
New York Times Book Review

“Allende, always a captivating storyteller, takes the reader through a parade of San Francisco locales and types, and Amanda — like Maya — is an engaging character.”
San Jose Mercury News

“You might guess the identity of the killer before the last pages, but you won’t care - the shocks and unexpected twists will keep you riveted until the end.”
Good Reads