“Making so many connections is a formidable task for any novelist to set for herself, but Allende keeps everything in motion with grace and nonchalance as she puts all the pieces together to create a fascinating portrait of America seen from an Anglo/Hispanic perspective.”
—Mary Mackey, San Francisco Chronicle

“Isabel Allende’s new book is great. In fact it is so engrossing that once I opened its pages I had to force myself to put it down and not just read straight through the night…Allende has an uncanny ability to observe and detail people’s lives. Without question, The Infinite Plan is a window into our society, warts and beauty all wrapped up in one.”
—Maria Elena Alvarez, Albuquerque Journal

“A richly embroidered, ambitious tale…intensely imagined.”
Publishers Weekly

“Allende writes with passion and conviction.”
Christian Science Monitor

“Written in the spare and simple, virtually reportorial style favored by classic American writers such as Theodore Dreiser and Sinclair Lewis…Allende’s approach enables her to take a vast amount of America’s collective experience and reduce it to human scale via the personal narratives of her characters.”
Chicago Tribune

“An ironic and romantic comedy, a compendium of American culture, family life, and war and love between the sexes.”
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Stunning…[Allende] draws on her keen powers of observation and insight to make this new California milieu vivid…It’s a confident artist who is willing to experiment and change, while maintaining the highest standards. The result is rewarding, for Allende and her readers.”
Indianapolis Star

“A beautifully told tragedy.”

“This latest Allende proves itself the best sort of literary high-wire act, wringing enchantment from tension, danger, courage and style. So far, critical response has been gratifying, and even iron man Robert Bly praises the book’s vision and ambition in his review for The New York Times. Allende’s enthronement as the most widely read Latin American female writer in history remains secure.”
The Columbus Dispatch

“If you've been wandering around looking for a terrific novel, seek no further. The Infinite Plan is probably just the book you're looking for.”
The Miami Herald

“Devotees of The House of the Spirits, Isabel Allende’s great fairy-tale novel about Chile, will rejoice to find again in her new novel the magical storyteller’s touch that transforms life into a compelling emotional adventure, leaving one breathless.”
Daily Mail (UK)