“Allende’s complex heroes, suspenseful tests of courage, and the mystic aura that surrounds the story add depth and excitement to a classic battle of good versus evil.”
Publishers Weekly

“The latest adventure featuring now-18-year-old Alexander Cold, his friend (and future wife) Nadia Santos, his vodka-swilling grandmother Kate and new friends, danger-loving airplane pilot Angie and the determined Brother Fernando, make for a dizzyingly fast and compelling read…Allende does a good job of weaving Eastern and Western traditions together while adding doses of African history that never stray far from the story, so lessons can be learned by the readers without ever feeling like they're taking their multicultural medicine.”
—Reyhan Harmanci, San Francisco Chronicle

“The book, which opens with Alex and friends swaying atop elephants on safari, captures the romance of exotic travel. Indeed, Forest of the Pygmies has at least two things Allende’s adult fiction is known for: passion and politics.”
—Katie Haegele, The Philadelphia Inquirer

”This tense tale has memorable characters and lots of action and excitement along with elements of magical realism.”
—Paula Rohrlick, KLIATT

“Magic realism is blended throughout in a richly detailed narrative. Highly recommended.”
VOYA magazine (Voice of Youth Advocates)