Eva Luna is the feisty narrator of Isabel Allende’s sumptuous, picaresque third novel—a tale that spans 40 years and moves from a surreal jungle to a modern-day urban capital where even the most apolitical are driven to risky antigovernment activities.”
— Elizabeth Benedict, Chicago Tribune

“Novelist Isabel Allende rearranges reality with a blend of memories, mysticism and imagination. She invents characters caught between fact and fantasy.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer

“A remarkable novel, one in which a cascade of stories tumbles out before the reader, stories vivid and passionate and human…A beautiful translation catches the memorable voice of a smart, tough, and independent woman…Reading this novel is like asking your favorite storyteller to tell you a story and getting a hundred stories!”
—Alan Ryan, The Washington Post

“Wonderful, crammed with the strange and fantastical, the sensuous and the erotic. [It] also speaks powerfully in the cause of freedom. Isabel Allende’s singular, powerful voice already has been established. If The House of The Spirits hadn’t been written before Eva Luna, this question couldn’t be asked: Where do you go when you start at the top?”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Here is a finely-woven tale that combines, in a distinctly Latin American context, the fairy-tale quality of the Arabian Nights with the picaresque adventures of a Tom Jones. This novel confirms Isabel Allende’s reputation as Latin America’s foremost female writer, even if she now observes her continent from the comfort of California.”
Financial Times

Eva Luna is an accomplished novel, skillfully blending humour and pathos; its woman’s perspective on Latin America is a refreshing one, but it is enjoyable above all for its sensitivity and charm.”
The Times Literary Supplement (London)

Eva Luna is a cornucopia of stories, a tightly concocted, seemingly effortless spilling forth of incident and accident, autobiography and fantasy. This novel is a tapestry, a rich web of whimsy. At times it is Dickensian in its interplay of characters and evocation of the street life of a bustling city. Eva Luna’s journey is an agreeable delight.”
The Commercial Appeal (Memphis)

“First, novels like Eva Luna display a straightforward, if voracious, appetite for story-telling of the oldest sort. Eva herself is that rare thing: an original and memorable character with dimensions greater than those managed by most ‘real’ people. The same distinction applies to Allende.”
The Herald (Glasgow)

“Reading Eva Luna is as enjoyable as it is stimulating. Allende proves once again her ability to combine the political and the personal with tragedy, creativity and wit.”
Santa Barbara News-Press

Eva Luna is a prolonged and tantalizing seduction of the imagination. The novel’s mix of myth and politics conveys the stuff of life.”
Ham & High (UK)

“In Eva Luna, the celebration of a storyteller echoes the story of Allende herself as she has mesmerized the world with books translated into almost every language in the western cultures.”
Ex Libris